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Capacity & Capability Management Software

Being able to identify if your organisation has the capability and/or capacity to service your customer base and order book is an essential part of your management information system. It is quite common for most organisations to focus on production schedules, project plans, asset registers, overall equipment effectiveness, machine down-time and numerous other productivity measures. This is good practice; however, there are additional factors to consider.

Do you apply equal weighting and value to the capability and performance of your Human Resource in terms of:

  • Training?
  • Skills?
  • Knowledge?
  • Competence?

Some of the afore mentioned measures will provide and indication of competence are your confident that you are deploying your labour pool effectively:

  • Selecting the right person with the right skills for the right job
  • Making sure that compliance and legislative training requirements are in-place for each employee
  • Identify where you have niche/expert skills and therefore single point failures
  • Use existing experts to train and up-skills their peer group
  • Broaden skills and enhance performance by adding NEW skills requirements focused on efficiency and productivity increases

SkillStation can provide the insight you need to develop your teams and therefore improve and drive you business forward.