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Business Improvement Software

Improvements in any organisation stem from ideas and people who are able to identify opportunities and eliminate risks. The next step and often most challenging part is how to address and implement a change which has a sustainable and positive impact.

Machines and computers don’t have ideas and spot opportunities - people do!

Having the right mix and balance of skills and knowledge within your business will allow your business to grow and develop in accordance with your business plan, goals and ambitions for the organisation.

There are numerous training courses and programmes which are aimed at equipping your staff with the skills, knowledge and competencies to achieve this ambition ranging from:

  • Business improvement techniques
  • Various lean programmes
  • Six Sigma (aiming for 3.4 defects per million or less)
  • Kaizen (continuous improvement)
  • Kanban (just-in-time production)
  • 5S or 5C (house-keeping)
  • SMED (single minute exchange of die)
  • Poka-yoke (mistake proofing), etc

The above but not exhaustive range of systems, processes and methodologies are all valuable and have their place to address certain problems and business models, however, the key to success is in the application of the skills and knowledge acquired through the training within your work-place and organisation.

SkillStation gives you the ability to record and monitor who has been trained, but more importantly assess the competence of staff against these importance competence areas through the assessment of competence linked to project based activity within your place of work.

SkillStation will allow you to record training attendance, acquisition and assessment of knowledge but more importantly the application of skills and knowledge through a rigorous and business relevant project.